Factory Carburetor Spacer Part Numbers

1C2AE-9A589-GFord1962 –FE carburetor spacer, Aluminum
2C2SE-9A589-AFord1962 –390FE Thunderbird, 4V aluminum Slanted carburetor…
3C3OE-9A589Ford1963 – 642602V aluminum
4C3OE-9A589-EFord4V 1 inch
5C4AE-9A589-CFord1964FE 4v aluminum
6C4AE-9A589-DFord1964 –2892V aluminum
7C4OE-9A589Ford1.063″ thickness. LESTER and FoMoCo logo. Rear…
8C4OE-9A589-AFord4v 1 inch aluminum
9C4OE-9A589-EFord4v 1 inch aluminum
10C5AE-9A589Ford1965 – 66FE
11C5AE-9A589-AFord1965 – 66FE
12C5SE-9A589-AFord1965 – 66390Thunderbird, Wedge shape
14C9ZZ-9A589-CFord1969 – 70302BOSS 302
15D3AE-9P753-AAFord4v aluminum use with EGR